Jewelry Care

Most of the materials used at Natalie Charles are either sterling silver or gold plated. These materials are sensitive to perfumes, lotions, oils, and other household cleaning items. You should avoid wearing your jewelry in water. This will help preserve your jewelry. Our bracelets and beaded items are handmade and should also be treated with care and should avoid perfumes, lotions, oils, and excessive exposure to water. Most of our beaded items are made with elastic string. It is best to roll them on without tugging and pulling to avoiding breaking or stretching.


All our bracelets are made to fit a standard size wrist. Please specify if you would like a different size. If you receive your bracelet(s) and would like them to be made bigger or smaller please contact us and we will alter them, 

At Natalie Charles we measure all our items so you can have the most accurate idea of what you are ordering. However, all of our measurements are close approximations and may not be exact. 

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